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Who are the Users of System (System end Users)?

The system end users of the system refer to the people who use computers to perform their jobs, like desktop operators. Further, end users can be divided into various categories.

Very first users are the hands-on users. They actually interact with the system. They are the people who feed in the input data and get output data. Like person at the booking counter of a gas authority. This person actually sees the records and registers requests from various customers for gas cylinders.

Other users are the indirect end users who do not interact with the systems hardware and software. However, these users benefit from the results of these systems. These types of users can be managers of organization using that system.

There are third types of users who have management responsibilities for application systems. These oversee investment in the development or use of the system.

Fourth types of users are senior managers. They are responsible for evaluating organization's exposure to risk from the systems failure.

Now we know what are systems and what is system analysis and design. So let us take a case in which we’ll apply the concepts we have learned in the chapter. The case would be referred to as and where necessary throughout the website and in this process we will be developing the system required.

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