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Brief Introduction to System Analysis and Design

Till now we have studied what systems are, their components, classification of system, information system. Now we will look into the different aspects of how these systems are built.

Any change in the existing policies of an organization may require the existing information system to be restructured or complete development of a new information system. In case of an organization functioning manually and planning to computerize its functioning, the development of a new information system would be required.

The development of any information system can be put into two major phases: analysis and Design. During analysis phase the complete functioning of the system is understood and requirements are defined which lead to designing of a new system. Hence the development process of a system is also known as System Analysis and Design process. So let us now understand

  1. What exactly System Analysis and Design is?

  2. Who is system analyst and what are his various responsibilities?

  3. Users of the Systems?


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