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Top-Down Integration in Integration Testing

Top-down integration is an incremental approach to construction of program structure. In top down integration, first control hierarchy is identified. That is which module is driving or controlling which module. Main control module, modules sub-ordinate to and ultimately sub-ordinate to the main control block are integrated to some bigger structure.

For integrating depth-first or breadth-first approach is used.

Top down integration
Fig. 9.6 Top down integration

In depth first approach all modules on a control path are integrated first. See fig. 9.6. Here sequence of integration would be (M1, M2, M3), M4, M5, M6, M7, and M8. In breadth first all modules directly subordinate at each level are integrated together.

Using breadth first for fig. 9.6 the sequence of integration would be (M1, M2, M8), (M3, M6), M4, M7, andM5.

Another approach for integration is bottom up integration, which we discuss in the following page.


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