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Software Testing

System Quality Assurance (SQA) is incomplete without testing and testing is carried out to verify and confirm that the software developed is capable enough to implement, carry out the tasks for which it has been developed. Tests carried should be able to determine any previous undetected errors that might hamper the smooth functioning of the system.

There are two different approaches to it. First is the classroom testing where we test and retest the program until they work but in our business environment a more professional approach is taken where we actually try to make the programs fail and then continue testing until we cannot deliberately make them fail any more.

Hence the objective is to take care of all possible flaws so that no null, void, vague case or doubt remains before it is installed at the client’s site. The data used for testing can either be an artificial or mock data when the system is new or it can be taken from the old system when a new system has replaced it.

The volume of data required is very high for adequate testing. This is because all the data used may not be able to mirror all the real situations that the system will encounter later. Testing is such an important stage in the software development that usually 30% of the software development cycle time is dedicated to it.


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