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Record keeping and reporting in Software Quality Assurance

Record keeping and reporting are another quality assurance activities. It is applied to different stages of software development.

During the FTR, it is the responsibility of reviewer (or recorder) to record all issues that have been raised.

At the end of review meeting, a review issue list that summarizes all issues, is produced. A simple review summary report is also compiled.

A review summary report answers the following questions.

  1. What was reviewed?
  2. Who reviewed it ?
  3. What were the findings and conclusions?

Following figure shows a sample summary report. This becomes an important document and may be distributed to project leader and other interested parties.

Technical Review Summary Report
Review identification :  
Project: XXX00
Date : 11th July'1996
Review Number : X-00012
Location: Old Bldg, Room# 4 Time: 10:00 AM
Product Identification  
Material Reviewed : Detailed Design module for penalty collection
Producer : Griffin  
Brief Description : Penalty collection module for books returned after due date.  
Material Reviewed : ( note each item separately )  
1. Penalty rules  
Review Team: Signature
1. Griffin (Leader)
2. Hardy (Recorder)
3. Watson
Product Appraisal:  
Accepted : as is ( ) with minor modifications ( )
Not Accepted: major revision ( ) minor revision ( )
Review Not completed: ( Explanation follows )
Supplementary material attached:  
Issue list( ) Annotated Materials ( )
Other (describe)

The review issue list serves the following purpose.

  1. To identify problem areas within the product.
  2. To serve as an action item checklist that guides the producer as corrections are made.

Follwong figure shows a issue list.

Review Number : XX10
Date of Review : 07-07-98
Review leader : Griffin
Recorder : Hardy


1. Penalty rules ambiguous. The penalty rules are not clear. Needs more clarity.

Review team recommends a modification in the penalty rules module.

It is important to establish a follow-up procedure to ensure that items on the issue list have been properly corrected.

Review issue list provides the basis for the follow-up procedure to be carried out. After the follow-up procedure, review issue list can be used to cross-check the corrections made. Once all this is done and review findings are incorporated, the quality of the system is ensured. This is how various techniques and procedures may be used for delivering a quality system to the vendors.


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