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Conduct of Formal Technical Reviews (FTR)

The FTR (Formal Technical Review) is a software quality assurance activity with the objectives to uncover errors in function, logic or implementation for any representation of the software; to verify that the software under review meets its requirements; to ensure that the software has been represented according to predefined standards; to achieve software that is developed in a uniform manner and to make projects more manageable.

FTR (Formal Technical Review) is also a learning ground for junior developers to know more about different approaches to software analysis, design and implementation. It also serves as a backup and continuity for the people who are not exposed to the software development so far. FTR (Formal Technical Review) activities include walkthroughs, inspection and round robin reviews and other technical assessments. The above-mentioned methods are different FTR (Formal Technical Review) formats.

Review meetings

Review meeting is important form of FTR (Formal Technical Review) and there are some essential parameters for the meeting such as there should be reasonable number of persons conducting the meeting and that too after each one of them has done his/her homework i.e. some preparation and the meeting should not be carried out very long which may lead to wastage of time but rather for duration just enough to churn out some constructive results. FTR (Formal Technical Review) is effective when a small and specific part of the overall software is under scrutiny. It is easier and more productive to review in small parts like each module one by one rather than to review the whole thing in one go. The target of the FTR (Formal Technical Review) is on a component of the project, a single module.

The individual or the team that has developed that specific module or product intimates the product is complete and a review may take place. Then the project leader forwards the request to the review leader who further informs the reviewers who undertake the task. The members of the review meeting are reviewers who undertake the task. The members of the review meeting are reviewers, review-leader, product developers ( or the module leader alone ) and there one of the reviewers takes up the job of the recorder and notes down all the important issues raised in the meeting.

At the end of each review meeting the decision has to be taken by the attendees of the FTR (Formal Technical Review) on whether to accept the product without further modification or to reject the product due to severe errors or to accept the product provisionally. All FTR (Formal Technical Review) attendees sign off whatever decision taken. At the end of the review a review issues list and a review summary is report is generated.


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