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An Example of a DFD for a System That Pays Workers

An example of a Data Flow Diagram - DFD for a system that pays workers is shown in the figure below. In this DFD there is one basic input data flow, the weekly time sheet, which originates from the source worker. The basic output is the pay check, the sink for which is also the worker. In this system, first the employee's record is retrieved, using the employee ID, which is contained in the time sheet. From the employee record, the rate of payment and overtime are obtained.

These rates and the regular and overtime hours (from the time sheet) are used to complete the payment. After total payment is determined, taxes are deducted. To computer the tax deduction, information from the tax rate file is used. The amount of tax deducted is recorded in the employee and company records. Finally, the paycheck is issued for the net pay. The amount paid is also recorded in company records.

DFD of a system that pays workers.
DFD of a system that pays workers.

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