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Decision Making Documentation

Decision-making is an integral part of any business no matter how small, simple or big and complex it may be. Thus decisions have to be made and set procedures are to be followed as the subsequent actions. Thus while analyzing and designing a business system, analyst also needs to identify and document any decision policies or business rules of the system being designed. There are various tools and techniques available to the analyst for this, like decision trees, decision tables or structured English.

To analyze procedures and decisions the first step to be taken is to identify conditions and actions of all possible activities. Conditions are the possibilities or the possible states of any given entity, which can be a person, place, thing, or any event. Conditions are always in a flux i.e. they keep on varying time to time and object to object and based only on these conditions the decisions are made therefore conditions are also put as decision variables.

Documentation comes as an aid in this condition based decision process. As the whole web of all the possible combination of conditions and decisions is usually very large and cumbersome it becomes extremely important to document these so that there are no mistakes committed during the decision process.

Here comes the role of documenting tools, which are available to the analyst. Tools, which are usually used, are decision trees, decision tables, Structured English and the various CASE tools. The basic role of these tools is to depict the various conditions, their possible combinations and the subsequent decisions.

This has to be done without harming the logical structure involved. Once all of the parameters are objectively represented the decision process becomes much simpler, straightforward and almost error free.


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