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Request Approval

Those projects that are evaluated to be feasible and desirable are finally approved. After that, they are put into schedule. After a project is approved, it's cost, time schedule and personnel requirements are estimated.

Not all project proposals turn out to be feasible. Proposals that don't pass feasibility test are often discarded. Alternatively, some rework is done and again they are submitted as new proposals. In some cases, only a part is workable. Then that part can be combined with other proposals while the rest of it is discarded.

After the preliminary analysis is done and if the system turns out to be feasible, a more intensive analysis of the system is done. Various fact finding techniques are used for this purpose. In the next chapter, we'll look into these fact finding techniques.

When we do the economic analysis, it is meant for the whole system. But for the people who develop the system, the main issue is what amount of their effort goes into the building the system. So how much should be charged from the customer for building the system. For this, estimation is done by the developer. In estimation, software size and cost is estimated. Now we will study, the various techniques used in the software estimation.


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