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preliminary Analysis

The main objectives of preliminary analysis is to identify the customer's needs, evaluate system concept for feasibility, perform economic and technical analysis, perform cost benefit analysis and create system definition that forms the foundation for all subsequent engineering works. There should be enough expertise available for hardware and software for doing analysis.

While performing analysis, the following questions arise.

  • How much time should be spent on it?
    As such, there are no rules or formulas available to decide on this. However, size, complexity, application field, end-use, contractual obligation are few parameters on which it should be decided.

  • Other major question that arises is who should do it.
    Well an experienced well-trained analyst should do it. For large project, there can be an analysis team.

After the preliminary analysis, the analyst should report the findings to management, with recommendations outlining the acceptance or rejection of the proposal.

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Feasibility Study
Technical Feasibility
Economic Feasibility
    Cost Benefit Analysis
Operational Feasibility
Legal Feasibility

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Lines of code (LOC)
FP Estimation
Empirical Estimation

Case study : Library Management system


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