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Introduction to systems

Analysis, design, and development systems, products, or services requires answering several fundamental questions:
  • WHAT is a system?

  • What is included within a system’s boundaries?

  • WHAT role does a system perform within the User’s organization?

  • What mission applications does the system perform?

  • WHAT results-oriented outcomes does the system produce?

These fundamental questions are often difficult to answer. If you are unable to clearly and concisely delineate WHAT the system is, you have a major challenge. Now add the element of complexity in bringing groups of people working on same problem to convergence and consensus on the answers. This is a common problem shared by Users, Acquirers, and System Developers, even within their own organizations.

At the end of this lesson you would be able to know about system's concepts, characteristics and various types of Information Systems. You would also be able to understand the system development process.

What is a System?
Learning To Recognize Types of Systems
Delineating Systems, Products and Tools
Analytical Representation of a System
Systems that Require Engineering
Systems components and characteristics
Classification of systems
Information systems
Types of Information Systems

Brief introduction to system analysis and design
What is System analysis and design?
Role of system analyst
Who are the users of the systems?

Case Study

Summary and Review Questions


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