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VB DLL - Dynamic Link Libraries and VB6 API

In our last (VB - Database Access Management), we saw how using the data control and bound data tools allowed us to develop a simple database management system. Most of the work done by that DBMS, though, was done by the underlying Jet database engine, not Visual Basic. In this lesson, we learn how to interact with another underlying set of code by programming the Windows applications interface (API) using dynamic link libraries (DLL).


Dynamic Link Libraries (DLL)

Accessing the Windows API With DLL

Timing with DLL Calls
      Quick Example 1: Using GetTickCount to Build a Stopwatch
      Quick Example 2: Using GetTickCount to Implement a Delay

Drawing Ellipses
      Quick Example 3: Drawing Ellipses

Drawing Lines
      Quick Example 4: Drawing Lines

Drawing Polygons
      Quick Example 5: Drawing Polygons

Sounds with DLL Calls - Other Beeps
      Quick Example 6: Adding Beeps to Message Box Displays

More Elaborate Sounds
      Quick Example 7: Playing WAV Files

Playing Sounds Quickly
      Quick Example 8: Playing Sounds Quickly

Fun With Graphics
      Quick Example 9: Bouncing Ball With Sound!

Flicker Free Animation
      Quick Example 10: Flicker Free Animation
      Quick Example 11: Horizontally Scrolling Background

A Bit of Multimedia
      Quick Example 12: Multimedia Sound and Video

Exercise: The Original Video Game - Pong!


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