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File Server Architecture

The file server system brought a complete change in implementation of the computer architecture from the mainframe. In this system, the application logic was now executed on the client workstation instead of the server. These servers also provided access to computing resources like printers and large hard drives. The complete File Server Architecture is illustrated in the figure shown below.

The advantage of the file server system is the low cost entry point with flexible arrangement. Computer resources can be added or reduced as and when necessary using this system.

The drawback of the file server architecture is that all application logic is executed on the client machine. The job of the server is to provide files only to store the data. Though the application's file might be located on the server, the application runs in the client machine's memory space using the client's processor. This results in the client machine's need for large amount of power to run the application.

Taking into account the disadvantages of the centralized system and file server system architectures, the client-server architecture made its advent.



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