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- Getting started
- Data Types
- Modules
- Operators in VB6
- VB6 Variable
- VB6 Procedures
- VB6 Control Structures
- Loops in VB6
- VB6 Exit Do & With End With
- Arrays in VB6
- User-Defined Data Types
- VB6 Constants
VB6 Built-in Functions
- Date and Time in VB6
- VB6 Controls
- TextBox Control
- ComboBox & OptionButton
- Label & Frame
- PictureBox & ImageBox
- Timer Control
- ListBox & ComboBox
- VB6 ScrollBar
- Control Arrays in VB6
- Files controls in VB6
- VB6 CheckBox
- Forms in VB6
- Menus in VB6
- MDI Form in VB6
- InputBox
- MessageBox
- Mouse events
- Mouse Move
- Error Handling
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Visual Basic 6 (VB6) - Beginners Tutorial

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Welcome to Free Visual Basic 6 (VB6) tutorial for beginners. This Visual Basic 6 (VB6) tutorial helps you to learn Visual Basic 6.0 (VB6) programming in your own. Assuming you all are beginners to visual basic, each and every lesson in this tutorial is explained step by step with examples and source code.

Visual basic is a high level programming language developed from the earlier DOS version called BASIC. Though, Visual Basic .NET is the latest technology introduced by Microsoft with tons of new features including the .NET framework and educational institues, Universities and Software Development companies have migrated to VB .NET, Visual Basic 6 is still widely learned and taught.

Learning Visual Basic 6 is quite easier than other programming languages such as C++, C#, Java etc. This is because Visual Basic enables you to work in a graphical user interface where you can just drag and drop controls that you want to work with where you have to write bunches of code to create in C++ or C# or even in Java. If you are new to programming and want to start it in the smoothest and easiest way, then you should start it with Visual Basic.

This Visual Basic 6 tutorial is for anyone who wants to learn to program his or her computer with Visual Basic. More importantly, this tutorial is for anyone who’s flipped through other programming resources only to be discouraged by obtuse language, jargon-ridden prose, and stuffed-shirt attitudes. The Visual Basic 6 (VB6) beginner's conversational style incorporates plain-English explanations along with short programming examples to lead the novice programmer by the hand through the techno jungle of computer programming.


Getting started to the lesson. Exploring ToolBar and the Properties Window.
   Visual Basic 6.0 - Properties, Methods and Events

Data Types, Modules and Operators in VB6

Variables in Visual Basic 6 (VB6)

Procedures in Visual Basic 6 (VB6)

If;;;Then, If...Else...Then and Select...Case Statements

VB6 Loops - Do While... Loop, While... Wend, Do...Loop While, Do Until...Loop, For...Next Loop

Exit For and Exit Do, With...End With Statements in VB6

Arrays in VB6
   Visual Basic 6 Arrays and variants
   Assigning and returning arrays
   Byte arrays
   Inserting and deleting items using arrays
   Sorting using Arrays
   Arrays of arrays

User-Defined Data Types

Constants, Data Type Conversion, Visual Basic Built-in Functions

Date and Time Functions
   Getting and Setting the Current Date and Time
   Building and Extracting Date and Time Values
   Date Arithmetic
   Format Options for Date and Time Values

Working with controls in VB6

VB6 TextBox Control
   Trapping Keyboard Activity
   Validation Routines for Numbers
   The CausesValidation Property and the Validate Event
   Auto-Tabbing Fields and Formatting Text
   Multiline TextBox Controls

CommandButton and OptionButton Controls

Label and Frame Controls

PictureBox Control and Image Control

The Timer, Line, Shape and OLE Controls

VB6 ListBox and ComboBox Controls

ScrollBar Control in VB6

Control Arrays in Visual Basic 6

DriveListBox, DirListBox, and FileListBox Controls in Visual Basic 6

CheckBox control in Visual Basic 6

Working with Forms in VB6

Working with Menus in VB6
   Accessing Menus at Run Time
   Pop-Up Menus

Multiple Document Interface in VB6

Visual Basic Functions. InputBox function

Visual Basic functions. MessageBox function

Mouse events. Positioning a control

Graphical Mouse Application. Mouse Move application in Visual Basic 6.0

Error-Handling, Debugging and File Input/Output in Visual Basic 6.0
      Error Handling Part 2

Database Access Management Using ADO - Introduction and Example Exercises
      Database Access Management Using ADO - Part 1
      Data Base Access Management Using ADO - Part 2

Dynamic Link Libraries and the Windows API in Visual Basic 6.0

Writing Code that Validates User Input

Creating ActiveX Controls

Creating Active Document

Internet Programming with IIS/Webclass and DHTML Applications


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