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The Recordset's Bookmark Property - Visual Basic 6

If your search with the Find method was unsuccessful—a fact that you can detect by checking the EOF or BOF property—you're going to need to recover somehow, because the record pointer will probably end up at the very first or very last record of the Recordset. As noted in the preceding section, this won't cause an error, but it probably will be confusing to the user.

Even if you programmatically check the EOF or BOF property and display some sort of error message in a message box, your user may still be inconvenienced. This is because the user would probably just want to carry on with the record that was current before initiating the unsuccessful search.

Why not put the record pointer back to the record it was on before the unsuccessful search began? Luckily, the Recordset object supports a BookMark property that enables you to store and, if necessary, reset the position of the record pointer. Therefore, the strategy for using the Find method would as follows:

  1. Store the Bookmark property to a Double variable.

  2. Perform the Find.

  3. If the Find is unsuccessful, restore the stored value of the Bookmark property and show an error message.

Listing 8.12 in the preceding section illustrates how to use the Bookmark property to restore cursor position after an unsuccessful call to the Find method.

IMPORTANT - Bookmark Property Limited to ClientSide Cursors: The Bookmark property only contains valid information for ClientSide cursors. If you try to use a Recordset's Bookmark property with a ServerSide cursor, you will receive a runtime error

NOTE - BookMark Versus AbsolutePosition: You might think that the AbsolutePosition property of the Recordset would work for storing and resetting the record pointer's position. However, a record's AbsolutePosition can change as other records are added or deleted. A BookMark is more stable because it always points to the same physical location for the record. Also note that, like the Bookmark, the AbolutePosition property only works for ClientSide cursors.

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