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Editing Existing Records With the ADO Data Control in VB6

Any time the user edits controls that are bound to the Data Control, the user has changed information in the copy buffer.

Changes to records will save automatically when a user or the programmer moves the ADO Data Control Recordset's record pointer away from the current record by any means, including the following:

  • Using the Find method

  • Resetting the Recordset's bookmark—even if it's only to set the Bookmark back to the current record

  • Using any of the Move methods on the Recordset

  • Adding another record

  • Clicking one of the four arrow buttons on the ADO Data Control

This is because moving the record pointer writes the contents of the record buffer out to the underlying data.

You also can save changes programmatically by calling the Update method of the Recordset or the UpdateRecord method of the ADO Data Control.

You can take more control of whether changes are saved by writing code in the Will event procedures, as described later.

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