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HTML Help Source Files for Extensive Help (HelpContextID)

In order to implement Help topics in separate screens with VB's HelpContextID property, the underlying help project must have separate topics defined and each topic must have its own unique identifying number for use by VB's HelpContextID.

Each Topic is defined in a separate HTML (*.htm) file, and the association between Topic files and HelpContextID numbers is accomplished by one or more mapping files (*.h) and the [FILES], [ALIAS], and [MAP] sections of the project file. A brief summary of the role of each of these elements follows:

  • Topic files (*.htm) contain the actual content of help topics. They are in HTML (Web page) format.

  • The [FILES] section in the *.hhp file specifies all the Topic files used in the help project.

  • Mapping files (*.h) define the Topic ID numbers that will be used by VB to identify topics in the help file and assign a uniquely named constant to each Topic ID.

  • The [MAP] section in the *.hhp file specifies all the mapping files used in the help project.

  • The [ALIAS] section in the *.hhp file ties together the named constants defined in the mapping files (*.h) with individual Topic files (*.htm).

We discuss the use of each of these elements in the following sections. If you want to enable users to navigate to other Help file topics while viewing individual Help topics, then you also must supply either an Index or a Contents file (developers often supply both).


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