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HTML Help Source File Structures

An HTML Help project is similar to a VB project in several ways:

  • Its end product (the *.exe file in VB and the *.chm file in HTML Help) is generated by a compiler from source code files.

  • The source code files are created by the programmer in text code format within a development environment.

  • There can be various source code files of different types (*.frm, *.bas, *.cls, and *.ctl files would be examples in VB, while *.htm, *.hhk, and *.h files would be examples in HTML Help).

  • The source code files for a single project are tied together by being listed together in a header file (*.vbp file in VB, *.hhp file in HTML Help). The header file also lists other general information about the project, such as the name and destination of the compiled file.

We discuss the formats and roles of the various types of source code files in the next sections.


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