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MaskColor and UseMaskColor Properties of ImageList Control in Visual Basic 6 (VB6)

MaskColor is a read/write property used to identify the color that will be used to create masks for the ImageList control. The MaskColor can be set at design time on the Color tab of the Custom Properties dialog box for the ImageList control. It can also be set and read at runtime as follows:

ImageList1.MaskColor = vbBlack

You can set the MaskColor property by using the Visual Basic color constants, the QBColor function, or by using the RGB function. The MaskColor is used with the Draw and the Overlay methods to determine the parts of an image that will be transparent.

UseMaskColor determines whether the MaskColor property will be used as part of a Draw or Overlay. It takes either a True or a False value and is also available at either design time or runtime.

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