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Overlay Method of ImageList Control in Visual Basic 6 (VB6)

You can use the Overlay method of the ImageList control to return a combination of two images from the ListImages Collection. The method is a function and returns the result as a picture. The syntaxfor the Overlay method is as follows:

Set Object = ImageList1.Overlay(index1,index2)

where index1 and index2 refer to two images in the ListImages Collection and Object refers to an object such as an Image or PictureBox. Either the Index or the Key for a ListImage can be used.

The resulting picture can be used as any other picture object in Visual Basic. It can be placed on a destination object, such as a Form or PictureBox, or can even be loaded into another ImageList control.

The following code

Form1.Picture = ImageList1 (1, 2)

combines the first and second images from the ImageList1. ListImages Collection and places the resulting picture on Form1.

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