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Using Specific Items Within the Forms Collection in Visual Basic 6

Each object in the collection can also be referred to by its specific ordinal number. This is an item number automatically assigned as the new items are added to the collection.

When referring to the ordinal number of a form, you must always remember that the Forms Collection is 0-based. The first item in the collection will always have the ordinal value of 0. The following lines demonstrate using the item value:


This code assumes that a VB project has three forms and that all forms have been loaded into memory. The first line will return the Caption of the very first item (item 0) in the collection. The second line will return the Name property of Form(1). The third line will return the value of the last form's width.

These code examples show how easy referencing specific items in the collection can be. This can be an alternative method to using the specific form names in a given project. With the Forms Collection,
you also do not have to know the name of a given form to control it. This will assist in manipulating forms generated at runtime.

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