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Getting a Control's ProgID

A Control's ProgID, as mentioned above, is a unique system-wide string that the Windows operating system can use to identify your control's type. You must know the ProgID of any control that you want to add to the Controls Collection because the Add method will require it as an argument.

For VB intrinsic controls the ProgID is usually formed by combining the characters VB. with the VB name of the control's type (CommandButton, TextBox, or Label for example). So, for example, the ProgID for CommandButtons is VB.CommandButton and the ProgID for Labels is VB.Label.

If you want to add an ActiveX control (a non-intrinsic control) to the Controls Collection, you'll either need to have some documentation at hand or you'll need to do some investigation in the Windows Registry.

In order to find the ProgID for a control's type in the Windows Registry, you can run Regedit from the Start/Run menu option of your Windows desktop. Perform an Edit/Search in Regedit for the name of the control. Repeat the search with the F3 key until you find the ProgID entry (see Figure 4.15). You can use this key with the Add method.

Finding a control's ProgID in the Windows Registry using the Regedit utility
FIGURE 4.15 Finding a control's ProgID in the Windows Registry using the Regedit utility.

Adding and Deleting Controls Dynamically Using the Controls Collection Topics

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