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Appearance Properties of ToolBar Control in Visual Basic 6

Several other properties of the Button object control the appearance of each button on the toolbar.

The first of these is the Image property. The value of image is an integer that maps to the index of an image in an ImageList control. The ImageList used is determined by the ImageList selected on the General tab of the Property Pages dialog box.

In addition to an image, you can place a caption on each button of your toolbar by setting the caption property. If you have both an image and a caption on a Button object, the caption will show below the image.

ToolTips can be added to each button on a toolbar by setting the ToolTipText property.

If the ShowTips property of the toolbar is set to True, the ToolTipText of a button will appear to the user when the mouse pointer is rested over that button. This is valuable for new users of an application who do not yet know the purpose of each button.

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