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Style Property of ToolBar Control in Visual Basic 6

The Style property of the Button object determines how a button performs on a toolbar. The values that the Style property can take are as follows:

  • tbrDefault (0) This is the default value for the Style property. When buttons have this style, they appear and behave as standard CommandButton controls.

  • tbrCheck (1) The button will function as a check box. This style goes along with the Value property (Pressed or Unpressed). When this button is clicked, it will stay pressed or indented until it is clicked a second time.

  • tbrButtonGroup (2) Buttons with this style function as OptionButton controls. Buttons on a toolbar can be grouped together, and all have a style of tbrButtonGroup if you want to give the user mutually exclusive options. When the user selects a button in the group, that button will stay depressed (value of
    1) until another button in the group is clicked. Button groups are separated from the rest of the buttons in the toolbar by a separator (see following item).

  • tbrSeparator (3) If you use this style for a button, it will not appear as a button at all but as a space between buttons. The space will be a fixed eight pixels wide.

  • tbrPlaceholder (4) This style will allow a button to act like a separator, but the width is adjustable

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