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Adding a Pop-Up Menu to an Application

Pop-up menus, also known as "context menus" or "right-mouse menus," provide the user another convenient way to control the application. Pop-up menus are usually unique for various areas of an application.

They can be created in Visual Basic or the operating system, and certain objects provide them. Microsoft Excel provides an example of pop-up menus in Figure 3.2 in section "Knowing Menu Terminology". With Excel, the user has the option to use the main menu bar, shortcut keys, or pop-up menus. Different pop-up menus are found, depending on the object selected. If the user selects a set of cells in the spreadsheet, he gets a specific pop-up menu. If the user right-clicks on a worksheet tab, he gets a different pop-up menu.

To provide pop-up menus for different parts of the application, various menus must be used. These menus, created as part of the main menu system, do not have to be visible. When they are needed, they are called through program code.


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