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MouseMove in VB6

The MouseMove event fires every time the mouse moves over a form or control. The MouseMove event could therefore fire dozens of times as the user quickly and casually moves the mouse. A user can fire several MouseMove events in rapid succession just by being bored enough to move the mouse around while waiting for relatively long processes to complete (for example, data access, or some ActiveX Automation call).

The MouseMove event has the same parameters as the MouseUp and MouseDown events.

You might use the MouseMove event to react to the user moving the MousePointer onto a control.

The Change Event in VB6

We discuss the Change event in greater detail in the chapter on Input Validation. We mention it here briefly because the Change event is the TextBox control's user default event. It fires every time the Text property alters. This event can fire due to user input or also because your code has done something to change the Text property.

Labels also receive a Change event whenever the Caption changes at runtime. Although user input could never fire a Label's Change event (since Labels can't receive user input), the Label's Change event might fire if the Label Caption were changed in code.



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