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The DblClick Event in VB6

The DblClick event occurs on a form or a control when the object is enabled, the mouse pointer is directly over the form or control, and the user clicks the mouse twice in rapid succession. Windows determines whether the user's two clicks represent a double-click or two single clicks. The user can access the Windows Control Panel to set the maximum time interval between two clicks for these two clicks to count as a double-click.

The DblClick event is not defined for the CommandButton in VB, but it is defined for the Label and the TextBox controls.

When the user double-clicks a form or a control that supports the DblClick event, Windows generates a Click event followed by a DblClick event for that control.

When the user double-clicks a control such as a CommandButton that doesn't support the DblClick event but does support the Click event, Windows will generate two Click events for the control.



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