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Changing a Control Name After You Assign Code to the Event Procedure

As mentioned in the discussion of the Name property, a control's Name becomes part of all the event procedure names of that control. For example, the control named txtFirst would have event procedures named txtFirst_Change, txtFirst_GotFocus, txtFirst_Click, and so on.

If you change a control's Name, you automatically create new event procedures. If there is already code in the event procedures that uses the old name, those procedures will not be renamed and the code will become "orphaned."

The good news is that the old event procedures are not destroyed outright. However, if you want to get the old event procedures back, you must either copy and paste the code into the event procedures with the new names, rename the old procedures, or rename the control back to its previous name.

For example, if you add a CommandButton named Command1 to a form, write code in its Click event procedure, and then change Command1's name to cmdOK, the event procedure name does not change and would still be named Command1_Click. Therefore, the procedure would no longer be associated with the CommandButton. CommandOK_Click would be the name of the current Click event procedure, and obviously this event procedure begins life with no code.

Conversely, if you happen to write a general procedure and later rename a control in such a way that one of its event procedure names happens to match the name of the existing general procedure, then that general procedure becomes an event procedure for the control.

For example, if you write a general procedure whose declaration looks like this:

Private Sub Bozo_Change()

and then later rename a TextBox control to "Bozo," VB associates the Bozo_Change procedure with the TextBox named "Bozo."



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