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Properties that Determine Size and Position

The Height and Width properties determine an object's size, while the Left and Top properties determine its position within its container object (Form, Frame, or PictureBox).

The unit of measure for these four properties is the unit of measure given by the ScaleMode property of the container. The default unit is the twip (twentieth of a point), but it may be different depending on whether or not you change the container's ScaleMode.

You can change each of these properties at runtime in your code, and you can also use the control's Move method to change a control's size and position.

TabIndex and TabStop

The TabIndex property determines the order in which controls on a form get focus when the user presses the Tab key. Note that Labels have a TabIndex property even though they can't receive focus.

The TabStop property lets you specify whether or not a user can use the Tab key to navigate to the control. Its default value is True. If you set TabStop to False, users will bypass the control as they cycle through the TabIndex order when they press the Tab key.

NOTE : The TabStop Property Only Controls Tab Key Navigation. Remember the TabStop property only controls user navigation with the Tab key. It says nothing about whether the user can set focus to the control in other ways (such as with the mouse or with access keys).


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