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Controls With Pop-Up Menus

Not all controls require a pop-up menu to be created. Certain controls that ship with Visual Basic, such as the TextBox control, already have a pop-up menu built into them, as shown in Figure 3.7. Visual Basic has no method to disable such built-in, pop-up menus.

The built-in pop-up menu of the TextBox control.
FIGURE 3.7 - The built-in pop-up menu of the TextBox control.

If the PopupMenu method is used with a control that has its own built-in, pop-up menu, the built-in menu will always be displayed first. The custom menu will only be displayed subsequently. Displaying two separate menus is not usually the desired effect for the user interface.

The benefit of built-in menus is that they do not require program code for their functionality. The control provides all mouse handling and functions.


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