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Chapter 3 - Implementing Navigational Design in VB 6

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Chapter objectives

  • Dynamically modify the appearance of a menu
  • Add a pop-up menu to an application
  • Create an application that adds and deletes menus at runtime
  • Add controls to forms
  • Set properties for CommandButtons, TextBoxes, and Labels
  • Assign code to a control to respond to an event

The objective addressed in this chapter covers many of the basic elements of user interface programming in Visual Basic. Specifically, this objective addresses two main topics:

  • How to create and control the behavior of standard Windows menus in a VB application

  • How to set up and control the behavior and appearance of the three most basic controls (CommandButton, TextBox, and Label) in a VB application




Understanding Menu Basics

Knowing Menu Terminology

Using the Menu Editor

Dynamically Modifying the Appearance of a Menu

Adding a Pop-Up Menu to an Application
Defining the Pop-Up Menu
Determining the Mouse Button
Displaying the Pop-Up Menu
Controls With Pop-Up Menus

Creating an Application That Adds and Deletes Menus at Runtime

Adding Controls to Forms

Setting Properties for CommandButtons, TextBoxes, and Labels

Referring to a Property Within Code

Important Common Properties of CommandButtons, TextBoxes, and Labels

Properties that Determine Size and Position

Assigning an Access Key to a TextBox Control Through a Label's Caption

Important Properties of the CommandButton Control

Important Properties of the TextBox Control

Important Properties of the Label Control

Assigning Code to a Control to Respond to an Event

Changing a Control Name After You Assign Code to the Event Procedure

The Click Event

The DblClick Event

MouseUp and MouseDown

Mouse Events Compared With Click and DblClick

MouseMove and Change Event

Other Events Commonly Used for Input Validation


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