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Standard Files Used in a Microsoft Setup

A standard Microsoft setup routine requires the user to invoke SETUP.EXE.

SETUP.EXE is not the customized setup routine that Package and Deployment Wizard created, however. The customized setup executable is normally named SETUP1.EXE, although this is not a required name. SETUP.EXE runs this customized setup routine.

SETUP.EXE uses a special text file named SETUP.LST to determine the name of the customized setup routine and the names of files needed by the setup routine to run on the user’s system.

SETUP.LST also contains the names of other files that SETUP1.EXE needs to install on the user’s system. Package and Deployment Wizard also writes to SETUP.LST.

The following sections explain the relationship between SETUP.EXE—the custom setup routine (usually named SETUP1.EXE), SETUP.LST, and other files.

  1. Setup File Information in SETUP.LST

  2. Dependency Information in DEP Files

  3. SETUP.EXE and Package and Deployment Wizard’s Custom Setup


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