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Preparing to Run Package and Deployment Wizard

Before you run Package and Deployment Wizard, you should perform the following steps:

  • Use the Project, References option on the VB menu to remove any unneeded references to data-access libraries (such as ADO or DAO) or class libraries.

  • Remove any unneeded references to ActiveX controls either by:

    • Removing the individual references to unused controls with the Project, Components option on the VB menu.


    • Making sure that the option Remove information about unused ActiveX controls is checked on the Make tab of the Project, Properties dialog box. If your application adds controls with the Controls.Add method, you must make sure that this option does not remove references to these controls.

  • Save your application’s project and compile it. (This is not strictly necessary because Package and Deployment Wizard will perform this step for you if you forget to do it.)

The next sections give you a tour of the screens that appear during a typical session with Package and Deployment Wizard.


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