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Deploying Your Application

After you have created a setup package, you can deploy your application from a location that’s accessible to all potential users.

Deployment is the term that Microsoft uses to mean moving your setup package to the location from which users can install your application.

You can choose one of several deployment methods:

  • Disk-based deployment (Microsoft still calls this deployment to "floppy disks").

  • Deployment to a network directory.

  • Deployment to CD.

  • Web publishing.

The following sections discuss each of these deployment options. Note that Microsoft considers network and CD deployment to be suboptions of the same deployment method, so these two options appear together in one section.

  1. Deploying to Floppy Disks

  2. Deploying to a Network Directory or to CDs

  3. Deploying to the Web

  4. Deploying Updates to Your Application


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