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SETUP.EXE and Package and Deployment Wizard’s Custom Setup

Microsoft’s SETUP.EXE utility is the file that the end user will run to install your application. SETUP.EXE itself contains no customized information about a specific application, however.

Rather, its job is to prepare the environment for the main setup routine and start the main setup routine running.

SETUP.EXE’S main tasks are as follows:

  1. Read the text file SETUP.LST (see previous information).

  2. Copy all the files in SETUP.LST’s BootStrap Files section to the user’s system.

  3. Run the file for the main setup routine indicated in SETUP.LST’s Bootstrap section.

At this point, the main setup routine (whose default name is SETUP1.EXE) takes over and finishes the installation of your application, copying the other files listed in SETUP.LST and performing any customized tasks.


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