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Using Package and Deployment Wizard to Create a Setup Program

The Package and Deployment Wizard in Visual Basic 6 is a complete remake of the Setup wizard of previous versions. As its name implies, the wizard has two functions:

  • Packaging applications into—well, what else—packages. A package is a set of files necessary to implement an application, including supporting DLLs, VB runtime libraries, data-access drivers, and other files.

  • Deploying packaged applications—that is, making the packages available for use from a given environment, such as a network or the Internet.

Package and Deployment Wizard runs as an add-in to VB6. When you install VB6, Package and Deployment Wizard should install along with it. You can verify that Package and Deployment Wizard is available in your environment by checking for it in the Add-Ins menu, as shown in Figure 21.1.

Package and Deployment Wizard as an option in the Add-Ins menu.
FIGURE 21.1 Package and Deployment Wizard as an option in the Add-Ins menu.

You run Package and Deployment Wizard after you have finished your application and are ready to create a distribution vehicle for the application. Such a distribution vehicle might be either distribution disks or a special directory on a network. The distribution vehicle would contain compressed versions of all files necessary to install and run the application.

If your distribution is for a COM component that you have created, you can also choose to create an Internet download setup for your component.

  1. Preparing to Run Package and Deployment Wizard

  2. Starting Package and Deployment Wizard and Choosing the Type of Package

  3. Choosing the Type of Setup Package

  4. Creating a Standard Setup Package

  5. Creating an Internet Setup Package

  6. Creating a Dependency File

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