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Advanced Optimizations

These advanced optimization choices appear if you click on the Advanced Optimizations button on the Compile Properties tab, as shown in Figure 20.20.

Options for advanced optimization
FIGURE 20.20 Options for advanced optimization

Next you will see what these optimizations are intended to do.

  1. Assuming No Aliasing

  2. Removing Array Bounds Checks

  3. Removing Integer Overflow Checks, Removing Floating-Point Error Checks

  4. Allowing Unrounded Floating-Point Operations, Removing Safe Pentium FDIV Checks

WARNING - Advanced Optimizations: Activating any advanced optimization turns off a built-in VB safety check. Although removing these checks will speed program execution, the extra speed certainly isn’t worth it if your programs crash. The basic optimizations are probably safe enough, but you may want to heed the voice of conservatism when using the advanced optimizations:

• Don’t use them unless you absolutely must. Any optimization that turns off a built-in safety check is another opportunity to ship a bug.

• You must remember to apply any necessary safety checks yourself. If you don’t have time to conduct your own safety checks, refer to the punch line of the first rule.


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