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Creating a New Project Folder in Visual SourceSafe

The structure for storing Visual SourceSafe projects looks somewhat like the Windows File Folder tree as presented by Windows Explorer (see Figure 2.11).

The project tree in Visual SourceSafe Explorer
FIGURE 2.11 - The project tree in Visual SourceSafe Explorer.

All projects in the Visual SourceSafe database are stored under a root folder (denoted by a folder labeled "$/" at the top of the tree hierarchy).

To add a new project to Visual SourceSafe, follow these steps:

2.4 Adding a New Project to Visual SourceSafe

  1. Run and log on to Visual SourceSafe Explorer.

  2. Select either the root folder ($/) or an existing project folder. The project you create will belong under the folder that you select.

  3. Choose File, Create Project from the menu.

  4. Under the Create Project dialog box, assign a name to the project and enter any comments. Click the OK button to create the new project's folder in Visual SourceSafe (see Figure 2.12).

    Creating a new project folder
    FIGURE 2.12 - Creating a new project folder (figure shows both the dialog box to create the folder and the newly created folder).

  5. Add files to the project (you may do this at a later time). The next section describes this action in detail.


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