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Using Visual SourceSafe Administrator to Set Up and Maintain Users

Although Visual SourceSafe Administrator can leave most general Visual SourceSafe settings at the installed default values, there is one task that you must perform in Visual SourceSafe Administrator for Visual SourceSafe to function properly: setting up users.

Developers cannot have access to Visual SourceSafe Explorer and the projects contained in the Visual SourceSafe database unless they have a logon account for the Visual SourceSafe database. To set up a user for access to the Visual SourceSafe database, follow these steps:

2.3 Setting Up a User with Visual SourceSafeAdministrator

  1. Open Visual SourceSafe Administrator and choose Users, Add User from the main menu to bring up the Add User dialog box (see Figure 2.8).

    Adding a SourceSafe user account
    FIGURE 2.8 - Adding a SourceSafe user account.

  2. Fill in the logon ID for the user whom you are setting up.

  3. Assign a password.

  4. If you don't want the user to be able to change information stored in the Visual SourceSafe database, check the Read Only box as well.

  5. Click OK to close the dialog box and create the user account.

NOTE: Visual SourceSafe Security and Windows Security Visual SourceSafe Explorer will automatically try to use the Windows user ID and password to log on a user who runs Visual SourceSafe Explorer. If the user ID and password match a user ID and password in Visual SourceSafe, the user will receive no logon prompt to Visual SourceSafe Explorer.


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