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Archiving A Visual SourceSafe Project

You can use Visual SourceSafe Administrator to archive projects that have fallen out of use. You can also restore projects if you need them back again.

To archive a Visual SourceSafe project, you should follow these steps:

2.1 Archiving a Visual SourceSafe Project

  1. Open Visual SourceSafe Administrator.

  2. Choose Archive, Archive Projects from the Visual SourceSafe Administrator menu.

  3. The Choose Project to Archive dialog box shows a tree of Visual SourceSafe projects and subprojects. Select a project to archive from the tree and click OK. This will take you to Screen 1 of the Archive wizard, shown in Figure 2.1

    FIGURE 2.1 - Adding a project to archive from the Archive wizard.

  4. If you want to archive more projects, click the Add button on the first screen of the Archive wizard to choose additional projects, repeating this step until you have indicated all the projects that you want to archive. After you have finished, click the Next button.

  5. On Screen 2 of the Archive wizard, use the Browse button to define a location and a name for the file where you want to save the archived projects' information. (The archive file's extension, .SSA, will be supplied automatically). See Figure 2.2.

    FIGURE 2.2 - Specifying an archive file from Screen 2 of the Archive wizard.

  6. Choose one of the three archive options:

    i. Save data to file Save data to file, then delete from database to
    ii. save space
    iii. Delete data permanently

  7. Set any other archiving options on Screen 3 of the Archive wizard, and then click the Finish button (see Figure 2.3).

    FIGURE 2.3 - Screen 3 of the Archive wizard.

  8. Archive wizard will then archive your data and inform you of its success (see Figure 2.4).

    FIGURE 2.4 - Archive wizard's closing prompt.

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