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Source-Code Sharing in Visual SourceSafe Project

When you want to share the same source code between two or more projects, you can designate a file or files as shared. The shared files will appear in the Visual SourceSafe folder for all projects where they have been shared.

To share files, follow these steps:

2.7 Sharing Files from a VSS Project

  1. In Visual SourceSafe Explorer, select the project to which you want to share the files.

  2. Choose SourceSafe, Share from the Visual SourceSafe menu.

  3. In the resulting dialog box, use the Projects tree to navigate to the Visual SourceSafe project whose files you want to share. Then choose the desired files so that their names appear in the Files list (see Figure 2.18).

    Sharing files
    FIGURE 2.18 - Sharing files.

  4. Click the Share button.

  5. The selected files are now shared between the two projects. Notice that the document icon beside a shared file appears doubled (see Figure 2.19).

    Files icons showing that the files are shared.
    FIGURE 2.19 - Files icons showing that the files are shared.

After programmers make changes to a shared file, the changes will appear automatically in all the projects where the file has been shared.

If you want to find out where a file is shared, you can right-click the file in the Visual SourceSafe window, choose Properties from the shortcut menu, and then choose the Links tab from the Properties dialog box.


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