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Setting the Working Folder for a Visual SourceSafe Project

The Visual SourceSafe folders that you see when running Visual SourceSafe Explorer are not physical folders. The Visual SourceSafe folders are only logical folders for presenting the information about a project in the Visual SourceSafe environment.

To check out a project's files from Visual SourceSafe, however, you need to associate the project's Visual SourceSafe folder with a physical folder in your system. The physical folder that will hold copies of files is called the Working Folder for the Visual SourceSafe folder. If you have defined no Working Folder for a project, Visual SourceSafe won't let you check out files from that project or get working copies.

To create a Working Folder for a project, choose the project in the SourceSafe tree and select File, Set Working Folder from the main menu. Use the resulting dialog box to browse to a folder where you would like your copies of the project's files to reside. You can define a new folder on-the-fly at this point.

Each developer who uses Visual SourceSafe Explorer must define his or her own Working Folder for a project. Therefore, each developer can have a separate copy of the project, usually on a local drive or on a personal area of a shared network drive.

The existence of multiple copies of the same project files may sound to you like an opportunity for a lot of confusion. That's where the source-code management activities of the next section enter into the picture.


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