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Chapter 2 - Establishing the Developement Environment

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Establish the environment for source-code version control - Chapter Objectives
  1. The first objective requires you to have some knowledge of Visual SourceSafe 6.0, which is bundled with VB 6.0, Enterprise Edition. You can use Visual SourceSafe to manage the files for source code through different versions of a single project.

    You can also use Visual SourceSafe to prevent conflicts and confusion among developers who are working on the same project at the same time.

  2. Install and configure Visual Basic for developing desktop/distributed applications


  1. Implementing Source-Code Control with Visual SourceSafe

  2. The Nature of a Visual SourceSafe Project

  3. The Visual SourceSafe Database

  4. Visual SourceSafe Administrator

  5. Archiving and restoring Visual SourceSafe databases

  6. Restoring a Visual SourceSafe Project from Archive

  7. Using Visual SourceSafe Administrator to Set Up and Maintain Users

  8. Visual SourceSafe Explorer

  9. Creating a New Project Folder in Visual SourceSafe

  10. Adding Files to a Visual SourceSafe Project

  11. Setting the Working Folder for a Project

  12. Checking Out, Checking In, and Getting Working Copy

  13. Source-Code Labeling and Version Numbers

  14. Source-Code Sharing

  15. Source-Code Branching

  16. Pinning an Earlier Version of a File for Use in the Current Version of a Project

  17. Merging Two Different Versions of a File


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