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Using Project Groups to Debug an ActiveX DLL

In real development, project groups will usually be used with some form of components. When you are creating a system that uses one or more components, especially components that are still in development, a project group can greatly simplify your work. After a component is stable, or when using third-party components, there should be no need to have their code available and a simple reference to the component should suffice. To illustrate the use of project groups when developing with components, this section walks you through the creation and debugging of an ActiveX DLL.

  1. Setting Up a Sample Group

  2. Debugging Features in Project Groups

NOTE - To Which Project Am I Adding? Other than the previously mentioned options, the Project Explorer behaves the same when dealing with a project group as it does for a single project. The project affected by the various Add commands, such as for forms and modules, is always the currently selected one.

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