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Creating and Programming a WebClass

WebClasses are the major components of an IIS application. Each WebClass in the IIS application project has its own designer in the VB IDE. A WebClass corresponds to a single Web page that your application will provide to browsers.

When you begin a new IIS application, VB automatically inserts a designer for the first WebClass object (WebClass1). You can add designers for more WebClass objects to the IIS project by choosing Project, Add WebClass from the VB menu. Note that when you save your IIS projects, each WebClass gets saved in its own designer file (extension .DSR).

As mentioned in the preceding section, there are two ways that you can furnish Web page output to client browsers from a WebClass:

  • Use Response.Write to send HTML directly to the client.

  • Use an HTML template file and modify its substitution tags in the WebClass project


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