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IIS (WebClass Designer) Applications in VB

Although ASP is a very useful and powerful server-side extension of HTML, it’s still quite limited and somewhat clumsy to program when compared with the possibilities of even a simple VB application.

Microsoft therefore introduced the IIS application in VB6 so that you can leverage your VB knowledge in ASP applications.

A VB IIS application is basically an in-process (DLL) COM component that runs with Internet Information Server as its client. An IIS application also requires the presence on the server of a Microsoft runtime DLL, MSWCRUN.DLL, as well as other files that you used to create your project and any supporting files (such as graphics) that your Web pages need. You can use Package and Deployment wizard to create a setup package for deployment on a Web server.

The end user needs no special additional setup when you implement and deploy IIS applications, because IIS applications run entirely on the server. By the time the result of an IIS application reaches a user’s browser, it is just a standard HTML Web page with no special processing requirement from the browser’s point of view.

The following sections discuss the nature of IIS applications and how you can create them.

  1. Overview of IIS Application Architecture
  2. Creating and Programming a WebClass
  3. Sending HTML Text Directly to the Client
  4. Programming With an HTML Template
  5. Substitution Tags
  6. Creating and Programming Custom WebItems
  7. Custom Events for WebItems
  8. Dynamic Events for WebItems


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