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Creating a Web Page With the DHTML Page Designer

To begin programming with a DHTML project, you need to take the following steps:

17.5 Preparing to Program With a DHTML Project

  1. In the VB IDE, create a new project whose type is DHTML Application.

  2. By default, the new project will provide you with a Modules and a Designers folder. You will mostly work with the Designers folder when adding DHTML functionality.

  3. The Designers folder by default contains a single designer. You can double-click the designer to bring up its window, which appears in two panes to the left of the Project Explorer.

The left-hand pane of the DHTML Page Designer gives a schematic tree view layout of the elements in the DHTML page. The Document object lies at the root, and under the Document object lie all the other objects that belong to the DHTML page as elements. The right-hand pane of the DHTML Page Designer is a visual design surface for the page. You can type text and place objects from the ToolBox on this surface, as discussed in the following section.


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