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Understanding MTS Security - Setting Security Properties of Components

To ensure that role-based security is enabled, authorization checking must be enabled first. Chapter 15 "Understanding the MTS Development Environment" discussed how to enable authorization checking for a package through the package’s properties. When this is done, roles are checked for every component in the package.

An alternative to this is to enable authorization checking for a specific component. This allows for more flexibility in security checking. Rather than checking for role membership for all components, MTS will only check for components with authorization checking enabled. To enable authorization checking at the component level, execute the following steps:

16.8 Enabling Authorization Checking for a Component

  1. From the MTS Explorer, expand the package that contains the component you want to enable authorization checking for.

  2. Select the component from the list of components in the Components folder.

  3. From the Action menu, choose Properties.

  4. From the Properties menu, click on the Security tab.

  5. Make sure that the Enable Authorization Tracking check box is checked.

  6. Click OK. Now MTS will check for role membership for only this component.


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