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Chapter 15 - Understanding the MTS Development Environment

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MTS is a service built into Windows NT 4.0 that provides componentbased transaction processing. It provides VB developers with a fairly simple technique to scale existing knowledge of COM components to the enterprise. With MTS, distributed applications can be built for a Windows environment, as well as for the Internet/intranet.


  1. Basic MTS Concepts
    Overview of MTS
    MTS Packages and Their Relationship to COM Components

  2. Setting Up MTS
    Configuring a Server to Run MTS
    Installing MTS

  3. Setting Up Security on the System Package

  4. Working With MTS Packages
    The Package and Deployment Wizard
    Creating a Package by Using the MTS Explorer
    Assigning Names to Packages
    Assign Security to Packages
    Exporting and Importing Existing Packages


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