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Creating an Active Document Project

Although it's possible to create an Active Document project by converting an existing VB project (as discussed in the previous section), you might have problems redefining all the event procedures and other code so that the application works properly. It's much easier to follow the steps described in this section and simply create a new Active Document project.

You create a new Active Document project with the same ease that you start any other type of project in VB:

14.1 Creating a New Active Document Project

  1. If VB is already open, choose File, New Project from the menu. Otherwise, Open VB and make sure you've chosen the New tab on the Project Open dialog.

  2. Select either ActiveX Document DLL or ActiveX Document EXE from the icons of available project types. (See the following section for a discussion of how to choose the type of Active Document project).

  3. In the VB IDE, you will now see a new UserDocument in its designer interface.

You are now ready to begin developing your Active Document project, as discussed in the rest of this chapter.


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